Now, cricket really is a game for everyone

Here at NEXX, we are passionate about supplying cricket equipment for women and girls that not only looks, feels and plays great, but also fits exactly as you would want it to.

For too long female cricket players have had to make do with pads and gloves that simply don't fit and bats that are too big and heavy.

It is our mission to make it easier for women and girls to find cricket equipment that they can feel comfortable with and helps, rather than hinders, their play.

Having the correct sized cricket equipment is not only important for performance but can really help with your enjoyment too. No one wants to play with equipment that makes you feel uncomfortable.

At NEXX, we haven’t compromised on the quality of equipment when designing a range specifically for female cricketers. So why not try out the first cricket brand in the world solely for women and girls, and realise that cricket really is a game for everyone.