NEXX ONE Girls Cricket Bat with Supernova Stickers

NEXX ONE Girls Cricket Bat with Supernova Stickers

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Designed in consultation with some of today’s top international players, the NEXX ONE cricket bat delivers big edges and an extended spine; with its weight distributed just below centre to give great balance and pick up.

This beautifully contoured shape has a mid-low sweet spot that is slightly higher than middle of the NEXX XX, and perfect for English conditions.

Supernova Stickers

This eye-popping blend of purples combines perfectly for our Supernova stickers.

Your shape. Your style. Your NEXX.

Do NEXX cricket bats include toe guards and scuff sheets?

All NEXX Cricket bats come fitted with a toe guard and anti-scuff sheet to the face of the bat for added protecting and to ensure longevity.

Do NEXX Cricket bats need knocking in?

All NEXX cricket bats are pressed but we do suggest they are 'knocked in'. Every cricket bat is slightly different - to ensure your bat is ready for match play, use a mallet or have some gentle throw downs to prepare your bat for use against a hard ball.

Do NEXX cricket bats need oiling?

The anti-scuff face sheets we apply to all our cricket bats mean that NEXX cricket bats don’t really need to be oiled. Bats can be oiled, but it’s not necessary. If you wish to do so, apply one light coat every six months to the back of a bat.

Not sure what size you need? Check out our size guide.

"The first set of equipment I’ve had that actually fits!"

World Cup winner Alex Hartley joins NEXX Cricket

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